Network Modules

Unveil the potential of your projects with our Network Modules. Offering a range of connectivity options, they are the ideal choice for building efficient and scalable network applications.

Network Modules
WIZ850io is a compact size network module that includes a W5500 (TCP/IP hardwired chip and PHY embedded), a transformer and RJ45. It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W5500 and Transformer. The WIZ850io is an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly. WIZ850io is hardware compatible with WIZ820io. WIZ820io users, to migrate to WIZ850io, need to modify the Firmware.



The WIZ850io is a highly efficient and compact network module designed to facilitate rapid development and integration of Internet connectivity into various projects. It incorporates the W5500 chip, which provides a fully hardware-implemented TCP/IP stack and a built-in PHY for reliable network communication. This module simplifies design processes by including both a transformer and RJ45 connector, eliminating the need for complex hardware design involving the W5500, transformer, and network interface. It's particularly suitable for projects seeking a quick transition to high-performance network communication, offering hardware compatibility with the WIZ820io but requiring firmware modifications for migration. Key Specifications: Core: W5500 (TCP/IP hardwired chip and PHY embedded) Interfaces: High-speed SPI Operational Temperature: -40 to 85°C Size: 23 x 25 x 18 mm Features: Plug-and-play network module, compatible with WIZ820io, supports power-down mode and Wake-on-LAN, very small form factor Description: The WIZ850io network module stands out for its ease of use and compact size, making it an excellent choice for developers looking to quickly add Internet functionalities to their devices without the hassle of detailed hardware design. The included W5500 chip ensures robust network capabilities with its comprehensive support for Internet protocols directly in hardware, offering efficient network communication. The module's support for high-speed SPI interface facilitates fast data transfer rates, making it suitable for applications requiring high network throughput. Additionally, the power down mode and Wake-on-LAN functionality enhance its suitability for IoT and energy-efficient designs. Applications: The WIZ850io is ideal for developers needing a fast, reliable network interface for IoT devices, smart home solutions, embedded systems, and any application that requires efficient Internet connectivity.


Plugin Network Module. Hardware compatible with WIZ820io. Usable without H/W design for W5500, Transformer & RJ45. Fast evaluation for W5500 & MCU in the target board. Support high speed SPI interface. Support power down mode and Wake-on-LAN function Very small form factor : 23mm x 25mm x 18mm 1 x 6, 2.54mm Pin Header x 2