About Us

WIZnet is a fabless IT company that provides cutting-edge Internet processors for the Internet of Things (IoT).
We aim to empower developers worldwide by offering stable, efficient, and integrated networking solutions that drive the IoT industry forward.
As the sole innovator of hardwired TCP/IP technology integrated directly into microprocessor chips since 2001, our vision extends beyond technology. We are committed to fostering a vast and vibrant ecosystem for IoT development, ensuring that our solutions pave the way for future innovations.
Our values revolve around relentless innovation, customer satisfaction, and community development. With over 70 distributors globally and branch offices in the USA, China, and Germany, we ensure competitive project marketing and fast technical support, solidifying a loyal brand image across continents.

Our Innovations

Pioneering Technology

WIZnet introduced the world to hardwired TCP/IP technology, revolutionizing IoT connectivity. Our technology powers over 10 million devices each year, confirming our status as a leading provider of Internet processors.

TOE Chips and iMCU Innovations

Our TOE (TCP Offload Ethernet) chips and iMCU products exemplify our drive for excellence. They integrate TOE technology with microcontrollers, making them ideal for high-speed, secure, and efficient Internet offload tasks.

Empowering Open Source Hardware

We are recognized leaders in Open Source Hardware. WIZnet's hardwired TCP/IP technology has become a de facto standard in IoT, prominently featured in Arduino’s Ethernet Shield and its various clones, promoting an accessible, flexible approach to IoT innovations.

Empowering Developers

WIZnet’s dedication to development is showcased by our comprehensive maker site, maker.wiznet.io, which hosts over 5,000 user-created contents (UCC). This platform not only demonstrates the versatility of our network processors but also serves as a creative space for developers to share and enhance their IoT solutions. Furthermore, we support Value Added Resellers (VARs) with software development kits to create bespoke modules, enriching our ecosystem with over 1,000 innovative products based on TOE chips.

Join Our Community

Embrace the future of IoT by joining a global network of innovators and developers who rely on WIZnet’s robust and customizable solutions. Together, we can transform ideas into reality and usher in the next wave of Internet connectivity.