Network Modules

Unveil the potential of your projects with our Network Modules. Offering a range of connectivity options, they are the ideal choice for building efficient and scalable network applications.

Network Modules
WIZ610io is the network module that includes W6100 (TCP/IP hardwired chip, include PHY), MAG-JACK (RJ45 with X’FMR) with other glue logics. Please click the link for the further information about W6100. It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W6100 and Transformer. The best advantage of the WIZ610io is that it supports IPv6. The WIZ610io is an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly.



The WIZ610io Network Module is a state-of-the-art solution tailored for developers looking to swiftly integrate network connectivity into their projects. Featuring the W6100, a TCP/IP hardwired chip that includes PHY, and a MAG-JACK (RJ45 with transformer), this module is designed for easy integration, requiring minimal effort to interface with the W6100 chip and transformer. Its standout feature is its support for IPv6, alongside IPv4, making it a future-proof option for Internet-enabled system development. Key Features: Comprehensive Protocol Support: The WIZ610io supports an extensive array of Internet protocols, including TCP, UDP, IPv6, IPv4, ICMPv6, ICMPv4, IGMP, MLDv1, ARP, and PPPoE, offering broad functionality for a variety of networking needs. IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack: With support for IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack, the module ensures compatibility with both current and future network standards, allowing devices to operate seamlessly in a diverse range of network environments. Multiple Independent SOCKETS: It supports up to 8 independent SOCKETS simultaneously, each with 32KB of memory for TX/RX buffers, facilitating efficient data handling and transmission. Flexible Operation Modes: The module supports half/full duplex operation, along with SOCKET-less commands for IPv6 auto-configuration and network monitoring, enhancing its utility in complex network setups. Power Efficiency: Features such as Ethernet Power down mode and Main Clock Switching are designed to reduce power consumption, making the WIZ610io suitable for power-sensitive applications. High-Speed SPI Interface: A high-speed SPI Interface (SPI mode 0/3) ensures fast data communication between the module and host controllers, maximizing network performance. Integrated Ethernet PHY: With an integrated 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet PHY supporting auto-negotiation and auto-MDIX, the module simplifies network connectivity and setup. Robust Design: Designed for 3.3V operation with 5V I/O signal tolerance and capab


  • Support Hardwired Internet protocols
    : TCP, UDP, IPv6, IPv4, ICMPv6, ICMPv4, IGMP, MLDv1, ARP, PPPoE
  • Support IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
  • Support 8 independent SOCKETs simultaneously with 32KB Memory
  • Supports half/full duplex operation
  • Support SOCKET-less command
    : ARP, PING, ICMPv6(PING, ARP,DAD,NA,RS) Command for IPv6 Auto-configuration& Network Monitoring
  • Support Ethernet Power down mode & Main Clock Switching for power save
  • Support Wake on LAN over UDP
  • Supports high speed SPI Interface (SPI mode 0/3)
  • Internal 32Kbytes Memory for TX/ RX Buffers
  • 10BaseT/10BaseTe/100BaseTX Ethernet PHY Integrated
  • Support Auto Negotiation (Full and half duplex, 10 and 100-based )
  • Support Auto-MDIX only when Auto-Negotiation mode
  • Not support IP Fragmentation
  • 3.3V operation with 5V I/O signal tolerance
  • Interfaces with two 2.54mm pitch 1 x 6 header pin
  • Temperature : -40 ~ 85℃(Operation)