Network Modules

Unveil the potential of your projects with our Network Modules. Offering a range of connectivity options, they are the ideal choice for building efficient and scalable network applications.

Network Modules
W5100S-io is a compact size network module that includes a W5100S (TCP/IP hardwired chip and PHY embedded).It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W5100S. The W5100S-io an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly. W5100S-io is hardware compatible with W5500-io and W6100-io.



The W5100S-io Network Module stands out as a compact, plug-and-play solution for rapidly integrating network connectivity into your projects. Featuring the W5100S chip—a hardwired TCP/IP controller with an embedded PHY—this module is designed for ease of use, enabling developers to add internet functionality to their systems without the need for intricate hardware design. Key Features and Benefits: Ease of Integration: The W5100S-io can be utilized as a straightforward component, requiring no complex interfacing efforts with the W5100S, thus accelerating the development process for Internet-enabled systems. Hardware Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with other WIZnet io modules like the W5500-io and W6100-io, it offers flexibility for upgrades or changes to your network setup without significant redesign. No Need for Hardware Design: The module's usability without detailed hardware (H/W) design for the W5100S simplifies the initial phases of project development. Fast Evaluation and Development: It supports fast evaluation with an MCU on the target board, making it ideal for prototyping and testing network functionalities in your designs. Advanced Connectivity: With a high-speed SPI interface, the module ensures efficient communication between the MCU and the network, supporting features like power down mode and Wake-on-LAN for enhanced power management. Compact Form Factor: Measuring just 20mm x 24mm x 2.6mm, the W5100S-io's very small size makes it perfect for projects where space is at a premium. Related Products: W5100S: The core TCP/IP chip providing the foundation for the module. W5500-io: Another module in the WIZnet family, offering additional networking capabilities. W6100-io: Provides further expansion options with enhanced features for networking projects. Documentation and Resources: Detailed datasheets and documentation are available online, offering extensive information on integrating and utilizing the W5100S-io in your projects.


  • Plugin Network Module.
  • Hardware compatible with W5500-io, W6100-io.
  • Usable without H/W design for W5100S.
  • Fast evaluation for W5100S & MCU in the target board.
  • Support high speed SPI interface.
  • Support power down mode and Wake-on-LAN function
  • Very small form factor : 20mm x 24mm x 2.6mm